Terms and Conditions for Guest and Registered Users

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The use of the portal for guests is free.

The operator of this internet portal, gives guest an instrument that facilitates the search for accommodation and businesses for the region. The user is given the opportunity to either personally contact an accomodation, to make an enquiry to multiple accommodation and to make their own evaluations of the companies visited by him and to make appropriate recommendations.

When booking a selected accommodation, the operator acts only as a mediator.

Accomodation inquiry

In the case of an accommodation request, the requestor agrees that his data will be forwarded to the relevant accomodations. The requester will receive an e-mail with a link after the given departure date to give a rating. Furthermore, the requester can be automatically added to our mailing list which, however, is quitable at any time.


Registered members and visitors (given their e-mail address and name) have the opportunity to rate the establishments they have visited, but the operator reserves the right to publish these evaluations. A corresponding claim for publication does not result from the submission of a rating.
The following regulations apply to the submission of assessments:

  1. The rating given must be truthful and based on personal experience
  2. The rating must refer to the company visited by the user
  3. Evaluations must be made as objective and accurate as possible
  4. Reviews of your own company, relatives or employees are prohibited.
  5. Companies must indicate the contributions they have made as self-presentation.
  6. Self-promotion by registered private or commercial users is prohibited in any form!

The operator of this website is entitled after a corresponding examination to block ratings and if necessary delete them, if there is a clear suspicion that violated these terms and  conditions or in other ways against statutory provisions.

Termination of your membership

The free membership can be terminated at any time without notice. The operator can in turn terminate the membership without notice if the respective user has culpably violated these terms and conditions.

With termination of the membership the profile of the user is to be deleted. However, the operator is entitled to continue to use the ratings, comments, etc. posted by the respective user and to publish them on the website.

Registered users

As a registered user, you have the option
1. to evaluate companies
2. Write comments on companies
3. Comments from other users to comment
4. to register new companies (free or paid)
5. Give insider tips

The registration takes place via the secure bank-used SSL protocol. When registering as a member, you must provide the following information:
• First and Last Name
• User name (nickname – should under no circumstances receive your first or last name.)
• E-mail address
• Password
Your first name, last name, e-mail address and your password are not visible to third parties by default. You also have the option to sign in via Facebook connect or Google plus.

The user does assure to not provide himself or other persons of false or misleading information and, in particular, not to register under a false identity. This does not affect the username (nickname).

The user undertakes not to post content
• who are intentionally or negligently untrue, are offensive, threatening, necessary, defamatory, offensive, violent and / or pornographic in nature
• racist, incitemental, anti-constitutional and / or otherwise punishable / unlawful
• violating applicable law, in particular third-party property rights, e.g. Copyright, Trademarks, Patent, Trademark or Performance Rights, Personal Rights or Property Rights, the disclosure of which is not authorized Links or similar statements / references contain or are suitable
• to interfere with the operation of third-party data processing systems, in particular computers.
When evaluating companies, the user must observe the following rules:
• Evaluations may only be made for companies that have been used by the user themselves and based on their own experience
• The evaluation should be fair, honest, objective and timely after the visit. Valuations based on complacency are to be avoided

The user is further committed
• not to give a rating to a company in which he or she is employed, owner or owner
• not to give ratings, false and / or factual ones to companies that may influence the decision to visit other visitors to the portal
• to submit the ratings and comments provided for the purpose of giving other visitors and users the opportunity to get a more objective picture of the assessed company
• To write reviews, to the best of my knowledge and belief
• not to name other persons by name, not to publish private information of third parties

The user guarantees with each publication of evaluations and / or comments that he owns all rights, in particular the copyrights to the made evaluations and comments. The user transfers with the setting in the portal this gratuitously and irrevocably a temporally, objectively and spatially unrestricted, transferable right to use the content in any form and in all media.

Additional terms and conditions for paying partners:
1. General
The operator publishes information for the client for the duration of the contract period on the website on the Internet.
2. Conclusion of the contract
2.1 The contractual relationship takes effect
a. on the basis of a written order of the client or the online registration and
b. the acceptance by the operator.
2.2 The operator reserves the right, without stating reasons, to refuse orders or to terminate orders in whole or in part. Already paid contributions will be repaid pro rata in this case.
3. Duration of contract
The contract period begins with the online offer and is valid for 12 months. It automatically renews for another 12 months if the contract has not been previously terminated (see §8).
4. fees
4.1 The fees are based on the current prices, which can be viewed by the client online at any time (see price plan and advertising campaign).
4.2 Price changes of more than 3% are only effective on the date of the next invoicing and will be communicated to the customer in good time. The client then has an additional right of termination if his usual notice period has already expired at this time.
4.3 The fees are payable in advance for the duration of the contract. The operator reserves the right to pay only when the fees have been paid.
4.4 Prices exclude VAT.
4.5 In the event of default of payment, the contractor is entitled to pay all necessary costs for appropriate legal action and default interest in the amount of 8% p. A. from the day of the delay to settle.
4.6 Compliance with the agreed payment dates is an essential condition for the performance of services by the contractor. The contractor is therefore entitled in case of default in payment after unsuccessful reminder in writing or by electronic means, setting a grace period of 2 weeks at its discretion for service interruption or dissolution of the contractual relationship with immediate effect.
5. invoices
The invoices are send electronically.
6. services
6.1 The services provided by operators can be viewed online on the website. All additional services exceeding the contractually agreed services and voluntarily granted by the operator are not enforceable by the client.
6.2 The operator reserves the right to change, adapt or update the layout, the functions and the underlying software of the websites at any time.
7. Obligations of the client
7.1 Maintaining its offer independently by means of the dashboard and notifying address changes or significant changes to the offer.
7.2 The client is obliged not to publish information that affects the rights of third parties.
7.3 The client is obliged not to publish unlawful, immoral, sexual or pornographic content on its homepage or to refer to third websites which constitute such content.
8. 8 Termination
8.1 The notice period is 1 month at the end of the year of publication.
8.2 The operator reserves the right to delete the offer from the directory prematurely or to deprive the client of the password rights if the client has misused the website. Reasons for this may e.g. be:
-Werber newsletter or mass mailing to other clients,
-approach of measures by the client that affect the operating behavior of the server,
– Disruptive, immoral, sexual or pornographic content on the website or linked third party websites and other, comprehensible reasons.
In this case, the client does not receive a cost reimbursement right.
8.3 The client may at any time have his offer erased prematurely if the holiday object is e.g. was sold, rented or sold out. In this case, however, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of fees already paid.
9. Disclaimer
9.1 The operator of this website assumes no warranty for the permanent availability of the offer. Reasons for a non-pollutability of the offer may be: overload of the telephone network, disturbances in the Internet, maintenance work on the server, conversion of the software and so on.
The operator continues to assume no liability for damage or consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by the server. Liability and claims for damages are limited to the amount of the order value.
9.2 The operator assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the published offers.
9.3 No liability will be accepted for damages of any kind in connection with agreements, bookings or other contractual relationships resulting from the publication.
9.4 The operator has no influence on “foreign content” and does not endorse these contents. The operator has no knowledge of illegal or offensive content on the linked pages of third party providers. If unlawful or offensive content is contained on the linked pages of third-party providers, the operator expressly dissociates himself from this content.
Additions or changes in the contracts need to be legally effective in writing.
If parts of the above terms and conditions are not effective or become ineffective, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions remain effective.
Jurisdiction is Bludenz, Austria – May 2018